Decisions, decisions…

I only have three silk screens, so I need to decide which three of my designs to start printing onto fabric. It’s not easy! To help me make a decision, I’ve been using CorelDraw to add my designs to some pictures of lampshades and my Moroccan pouffe. It helps me to visualise how they will look and how to scale the pattern repeat.

gilhoolie pouffe and lampshades
gilhoolie pouffe and lampshades

I think I’m going to go for these three: gilhoolie butterfly, tulip and windmill…. but don’t hold me to it; I keep changing my mind!

gilhoolie butterfly, tulip and windmill
gilhoolie butterfly, tulip and windmill

I might start by making a lampshade for our new front room (I know I said I’d start with tea-towels but hey, I’m multi-tasking!)

Decorating is ongoing but nearly there; just shelves to build and wallpaper to put up. Watch out for the photographs soon!

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