Patience… (nothing to do with Take That, sorry!)

I’ve had a few set backs over the last week as it seems I’m being a tad ambitious trying to start off with A2 size screen prints. I was close to giving up but I really want to see my designs in print so I’m going to perservere and try and be a bit more patient.

I thought I’d have a go at making up some designs that could be printed A4 size and then repeated to make a lampshade. First of all I started along the lines of a trailing flower print but I think those kind of designs are more suited to bigger prints and wallpaper so I had to go for something a bit simpler (there I go again, being too ambitious!)

There’s so much choice in terms of textile designs these days; it’s quite hard to come up with something original but I like this and it’s definitely simple. The taller flower is supposed to be one of those pretty pink/blue/purple flowers (Allium Azureum for all you horticulturists!) which I love (an ornamental member of the onion family apparently, a bit like a big lollipop). The other one is just made up, can you tell?!

News flash – while writing this the printers have emailed to say my A2 screens are ready for collection – see, it does pay to be patient!!

2 flowers A4
A4 print for lampshades

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