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‘a’ is for…

Alice, Amiee, Asha, Amelia..

Matching gilhoolie beanbag and lampshade
Matching gilhoolie beanbag and lampshade

I made a beanbag yesterday in indigo denim fabric with a personalised pocket. The idea is you can choose a fabric and your letter to have sewn onto the beanbag. The beanbag itself is a pyramid shape with a square base and a handle at the top (plus a zip in the bottom for refilling and the seams are all top-stitched for extra strength). I made them for my boys earlier in the year and they (and the cat) are always on them so they must be okay!

I’m pleased with the result but in the middle of stitching on the ‘a‘ and struggling to go round the corners, I did think it would have been much easier to start with an ‘l‘!

Ah well, it was good practice and I think the pocket goes nicely with the adorable lampshade I made at the weekend…

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