My lampshade obsession continues…

Since I attended the amazing bespoke lampshade course at Homemade London I’ve been itching to find an old lampshade to restore and bring back to life. Well, last week I was happily wandering in and out of shops in a town near me, when I stumbled across this old lamp base and shade in an Aladdin’s cave of an antique shop.

Most people would just put it in the bin (and I have to admit, the shade especially is pretty horrid, even though the antique shop owner tried to dust it down and said it might be ‘saveable’!) but I’m hoping I’ll be able to restore it and it’s base to it’s former glory. This might take a bit of a miracle but it’s good to have a challenge isn’t it?! I just have to decide what fabric to use and I think a tassel trim like the original one will look lovely. I think Angela from Cocoon Home might be wishing she never met me when I ask for advice on this little project!

NOTE TO SELF: I must stay away from antique shops; this could become a bit of an obsession, how many lampshades can you have?!

antique lampshade and base
My latest challenge!

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