Everyone loves a wedding… gift!

I love weddings but I find wedding presents really difficult to choose. Buying something from a wedding list at a department store can seem way too impersonal but then again buying something not on the list could be disastrous.

This portrait of Notley Abbey near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, with a mosaic paper sky is my latest gilhoolie wedding venue commission. It’s handmade, unique, original and (will be) personalised with a message to the bride and groom. You can order them from my Etsy shop or get in touch with me for details…

Notley Abbey wedding portrait
Notley Abbey

Notley Abbey, by the way, was purchased by Laurence Olivier and Vivien LeighΒ  in 1945 and then restored and decorated with the help of decorators Sybil Colfax and John Fowler. I for one would love to go back to that era and see this amazing building and grounds, it looks so romantic…

Vivien and Larry
Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier

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