Very British…

Its-Pimms-timeOkay, so the sun isn’t shining but I had in my head that I wanted to draw something very British this week, seeing as we have the Queen’s diamond jubilee and the Olympics coming up (when, hopefully the sun will be shining!)

I was inspired by some artwork by Naomi  Avsec that I saw displayed at Liberty in London last weekend.

What could be more British than Pimm’s on a beautiful summers day? With fresh fruit and mint of course, hurry up summer! I was thinking I could make this into a machine embroidered picture, as I’m in need of a bit of a challenge and it would be good to produce some artwork rather than tea-towels for once. I’m not too sure about the colours, (looks more like HP sauce than Pimm’s!) so I’ll have to have a play with those, let’s see what I come up with!

Hopefully post some pictures on here soon, as long as I’m happy with it that is. I wasn’t trained at the Chelsea School of Art you know!…

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