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Something new…

Okay, last night, unlike most nights when I go to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, I really struggled to switch off. My head was buzzing. Firstly, because I just watched the brilliant Great British Sewing Bee – and then promptly booked myself on a course led by Tilly Walnes from tilly and the buttonsย (who was on the show). It’s in June and is being held at Lauren Ghani’s new shop in Birmingham – guthrie and ghani, which opens on Saturday 27th April. Usually I have to think about these things for a bit but I decided to give it a go; I need a new challenge and making my own clothes will definitely be that!

Secondly, I took a look at guthrie and ghani’s fabrics (dangerous!) and decided to order some Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy fabric. Not for dressmaking, but for some big lampshades (what else?!)

And thirdly, after my attempt to get back into drawing yesterday, I had a very strong urge to draw flowers today and was dying to get on with it. Not any old flowers either, foxgloves, don’t ask me why, I think I like the shape of them. It’s a shame there aren’t any around right now, so I had to go by photos on the web but it was fun to draw something that isn’t in my kitchen for once.

So a day for being bold today, and going for it, learning something new, not bad eh?!

foxglove drawing
wot no teapots?!

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